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O.P.C.'s History
The formation of OPC (Ontario Principals' Council) came as result of the removal, by the Ontario government, of principals and vice principals from the Ontario Teachers' Federation and its affiliates.

The founding meeting of the OPC was held in Toronto on December 12, 1997, with several hundred Ontario principals and vice-principals in attendance. It was determined that OPC should be open to all Ontario principals and vice-principals regardless of language, religion, gender or panel. On January 16, 1998 representatives of the various groups proposing to represent principals and vice principals, attended a meeting to seek a common ground for the formation of a strong provincial association. These included the Ontario Principals' Council, Ontario Principals' Network, Ontario Principals Association, the Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario and the Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation. The meeting resulted in an accord that supported the creation of one strong organization, to represent the interests and needs of Ontario elementary and secondary principals and vice principals. This was the Ontario Principals' Council.

In January and early February of 1998, over 25 regional meetings were held across Ontario to inform principals and vice-principals about the Council. At these meetings a significant number of school administrators joined OPC. By April 1, 1998 the date on which principals and vice-principals could no longer have membership in the Ontario Teachers' Federation, over 4,600 administrators had joined the Council. The membership increased to approximately 5,000 by the end of June. This represented over 90% of the non-catholic, non-francophone administrators in the province. Today OPC is the largest organization of its kind in Canada.
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OPC is now registered as an ISO 9001 compliant organization.

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